Mpairamoglou History

Mpairamoglou SA has been operating in Greece, since 1924. It is a family business group of high quality, organic growth and unique culture across generations.

The origins of the family are linked to the Hellenic population of the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna (today’s Izmir), where the family was well-known for its merchant activities in the late 19th century. However, due to the political events of 1922 that resulted to the catastrophe of the city, the family was forced to move to Piraeus.

The early days were difficult, but with a genuine ability to turn challenges into entrepreneurial opportunities, the family started to merchandize again in 1924. With many sacrifices, strong work ethic, tremendous teamwork and a drive to build relationships based on trust and care, the family has been successful in the market place.

Today, with the fifth generation onboard, Mpairamoglou SA is considered a leading family-owned enterprise in the industry.


Mpairamoglou values

The essence of our success relies on our intergenerational family values which distinguish us and guide our way on how we conduct business.


Mpairamoglou Reliability

We believe reliability is the basis of long term trusted relationships. It is reflected on an extraordinary personal commitment, discipline and forge to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and business partners.


Mpairamoglou Trust

Our customers don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care about them. We share common values and beliefs with them, as a result we treat their needs in the same way we treat ours. This is the foundation of a trustworthy partnership.


Mpairamoglou Teamwork

Our ability to work together as a family toward a common vision, plays a fundamental role in our success. We definitely believe that a successful enterprise works as a family, beats with one heart.


Mpairamoglou Philotimo

We believe the only way to achieve fulfilment in life is by doing something for someone else. In that sense, we are a family – enterprise that genuinely cares about the state of the human condition and constantly tries to improve it.


Mpairamoglou Principles

They guide the way we live and work, by turning our values into action.


Mpairamoglou Independance

Independence of ownership is the cornerstone of our business mentality and has been maintained intact through five generations of active family management.


Mpairamoglou Quality

The way we challenge our status quo is by aiming on quality and constantly raising the bar. As a result, high quality products and services in our operations is not just an act, it’s merely a lasting habit.


Mpairamoglou Progress

We believe that progress is the essence of existence of every human being and enterprise. We work together with our partners to provide products and services that drive human progress. For us, it is the pathway to excellence.


Mpairamoglou Leadership

Driven by a visionary determination, we implement business strategies that embrace product innovation, client-focused solutions and environmental sustainability. Our success is tied to the success of the communities we serve.